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29 October 2013

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high flyer
26 October 2013

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my own shadow
25 October 2013

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23 October 2013

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the smile
19 October 2013

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7 July 2010

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1 July 2010

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lead kindly light....
29 June 2010

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23 June 2010

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drying clothes
21 June 2010

Recent Comments

L'Angevine on Leading light
bel effet et belle lune

Steve Rice on Leading light

omid on Leading light
such beautiful composition, perspective, lights & graphics! A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!!

L'Angevine on Impressions
bien ce rendu

omid on Impressions
Amazing reflections!

Steve Rice on Impressions
Lovely reflections.

L'Angevine on In the rain
bien cette pluie fine

Steve Rice on In the rain
Even he wonders when the rain will let up.

L'Angevine on In the rain
bel effet

Steve Rice on In the rain
A nice atmosphere.

omid on In the rain

L'Angevine on In the limelight
beau rayon

Steve Rice on In the limelight
A superb image.

L'Angevine on The leap
oh trop bien

Le Krop on In the limelight
*****, comme si souvent !

omid on The leap
such beautiful composition, lights & shadows! L O V E L Y !

Steve Rice on The leap
Great stuff.

L'Angevine on dark frame
bien le rendu

AMIR BABA on The leap

Steve Rice on dark frame
Nice aerobatics.

L'Angevine on We two
le rendu rend bien avec ce flou

omid on We two
Amazing shot!

Steve Rice on Chandelier
Lovely image.

L'Angevine on Chandelier

L'Angevine on Petrichor
ce sera bien arrosé

Steve Rice on Petrichor
Wet and wild.

L'Angevine on Petrichor
c'est beau

Steve Rice on Petrichor
Wow, a heavy rain!

L'Angevine on united

Steve Rice on united
Amazing light.

L'Angevine on Heritage

Le Krop on united
la beauté des villes magnifiée par la lumière de la nature.*****

L'Angevine on Frame in frame
génial la perspective

Steve Rice on Destination
An excellent perspective up this rugged set of stairs.

L'Angevine on Point of view
belle complicité

omid on Point of view
:) A M A Z I N G !

L'Angevine on Reflection

Steve Rice on Reflection
Neat reflections.

L'Angevine on Nature has no boundaries
bien ce rectangle

Steve Rice on Nature has no boundaries
A gateway to the natural world.

L'Angevine on nature
belle vue

Steve Rice on nature
A lovely old temple at the forest's edge.

Steve Rice on states of matter
Lovely light on the water.

Steve Rice on Impressionism
So cool!

omid on Impressionism
Lovely work!

Stephen Phillips on Impressionism
Terrific energy in this capture. Great composition.

Annima on Impressionism

Ana Lúcia on Impressionism
This one...I like. It looks like a pencil study from art school.

L'Angevine on Slow motion waves
bien beau

omid on Slow motion waves
Lovely shot & view!

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