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16 November 2017

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colors of nature
10 September 2017

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29 October 2013

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high flyer
26 October 2013

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my own shadow
25 October 2013

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23 October 2013

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the smile
19 October 2013

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7 July 2010

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1 July 2010

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lead kindly light....
29 June 2010

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23 June 2010

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drying clothes
21 June 2010

Recent Comments

Le Krop on Take off
Blikvanger said many interesting things ! And I like, too, this picture.

Steve Rice on Take off
Quite a beautiful flurry of activity here.

Blikvanger on Take off
I like this photo.There is a lot to see and wonder. A locked door, what is behind there. A mysterious shadow of a can ...

omid on Take off
A M A Z I N G !!!!!

Aubélia on Take off

Existence Artistique on Take off
c'est du bon travail

Steve Rice on Monkey's eye view
The monkey found a prime spot for viewing.

omid on stories on stone
such beautiful frame, colors & textures! Amazing temple!

Existence Artistique on stories on stone

Steve Rice on Light painting
That's cool!

Steve Rice on Stories on stones

Existence Artistique on Light painting

Dimitrios on Light painting
peace in the world

Existence Artistique on Stories on stones

: Helen : on Stories on stones
Lovely atmosphere. Incredible stones too!

Devi on Stories on stones

Steve Rice on stories on stone
Walking through history. Such a beautiful and ancient place.

Existence Artistique on stories on stone
bel effet

Ronnie 2¢ on stories on stone
Such a powerful sense of scale here . .

Steve Rice on The escape
Lovely action.

Existence Artistique on The escape
bel effet

Dimitrios on The escape

Steve Rice on Dejavu
Such an excellent image and processing.

omid on Dejavu
Amazing shot !!!

Existence Artistique on Dejavu
bon travail et recherche

Steve Rice on nightcrawler

Existence Artistique on nightcrawler

Le Krop on nightcrawler
Le bon moment.

Anne on nightcrawler
Nice shot.

Steve Rice on cat on the wall
Super image with that background and pretty cat.

Steve Rice on Serve with a smile
A great smile and lots of bananas in stock.

Existence Artistique on Serve with a smile
bien ces bananes

Lalena on ballerina
Excellent! So smart!! Congratulations!

Steve Rice on Out of focus
A neat shot of the shop and shop keeper.

Existence Artistique on Out of focus
superbe avec les bananes

AMIR BABA on ballerina

Annima on Out of focus
Jolie scène.

omid on stories on stone
Lovely! :)

Steve Rice on stories on stone
A beautiful little family.

Steve Rice on shade yourself

Existence Artistique on shade yourself
bon travail

omid on Caught you!
:) very nice shot! A M A Z I N G !

Steve Rice on Caught you!

Le Krop on Caught you!
BelleS priseS !

Existence Artistique on Caught you!
belle recherche

Steve Rice on find me
A well camouflaged bird.

Jean-Luc.M on ballerina
Superb ! Congratulations on the Spotlight.

Mireille T. on ballerina
Congratulations on your spotlight! Beautiful capture!

Ehsan Hemmati on ballerina

Devi on find me
Lovely catch with the bird :)

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