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16 November 2017

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colors of nature
10 September 2017

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29 October 2013

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high flyer
26 October 2013

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my own shadow
25 October 2013

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23 October 2013

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the smile
19 October 2013

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7 July 2010

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1 July 2010

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lead kindly light....
29 June 2010

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23 June 2010

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drying clothes
21 June 2010

Recent Comments

Steve Rice on mine
Lovey portraits of them both.

Dimitrios on mine
adorable frame*

Existence Artistique on mine

Michael Skorulski on mine
A lovely gentle portrait.

Le Krop on mine
La douceur. La beauté.

omid on mine
:) L O V E L Y !!!!!

Steve Rice on minimalism

Existence Artistique on minimalism
oh génial cette arrière comme un torchon

Le Krop on minimalism

Steve Rice on Blooming bubbles
A neat capture of the young fellow and bubbles.

Existence Artistique on Blooming bubbles
bien les couleurs

Harry on mr.armstrong :)
I think there is a tower in Italy that needs straightening.

Steve Rice on mr.armstrong :)
Hercules! Cool shot.

beach on mr.armstrong :)
That fellow is STRONG!

MAU on mr.armstrong :)
Nice idea :)

Steve Rice on Hooked up, again!

Steve Rice on happy Makara sankranti,Pongal,Lohri
A gorgeous and happy image. Enjoy the festival.

omid on happy Makara sankranti,Pongal,Lohri
very nice shot! L O V E L Y !!! ... Happy Pongal.

Lai Chan See on happy Makara sankranti,Pongal,Lohri

Kent on happy Makara sankranti,Pongal,Lohri
Great pic

Existence Artistique on happy Makara sankranti,Pongal,Lohri

Dimitrios on happy Makara sankranti,Pongal,Lohri
great shot, super kytes

Anne on happy Makara sankranti,Pongal,Lohri

Steve Rice on let the sea set you free
Beautiful image of the ever moving sea.

Existence Artistique on let the sea set you free

Steve Rice on sunrise
Magnificent sky.

Steve Rice on It's all about the journey
An uphill slog. ;-) Cool image.

Existence Artistique on It's all about the journey
bien cette diagonale

Steve Rice on sequel to twilight saga

Existence Artistique on sequel to twilight saga
bien ce cadrage

omid on sequel to twilight saga
very nice shot! L O V E L Y !

omid on musical waves
Amazing !!!

MAU on musical waves
Certainly makes a great abstract. Very good.

Steve Rice on musical waves
Lovely tones and tunes.

Existence Artistique on musical waves
bien ce mouvement

Le Krop on musical waves
Su-perbe !!!*****

B. Thomas on bloom where you are planted
Good advice for all.

Steve Rice on bloom where you are planted
A wonderful image. Love it.

Ronnie 2¢ on bloom where you are planted
Nature has such determination !

Existence Artistique on bloom where you are planted
belle vue

omid on bloom where you are planted
such beautiful composition, focus, DOF, tone & lights!

Steve Rice on soar high and free
A nice looking heron.

Existence Artistique on soar high and free
intéressante recherche qui rend bien

Steve Rice on in search of god
Nice street shot.

Steve Rice on twilight
Neat shot.

Existence Artistique on twilight
oh génial

Ronnie 2¢ on twilight
The image makes those trees look so special - I'm sure they feel that way, too !

Existence Artistique on in search of god
bien ce cadrage

Steve Rice on Lead me from darkness to light,
Yes, go toward the light.

Existence Artistique on Lead me from darkness to light,

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